• The Goal of Elementary

    The Montessori elementary curriculum inspires students to become independent learners who appreciate and understand their world.

     The foundations that have been built in the previous two pre-school years provide the child with the skills they need to begin reading and understanding mathematical concepts. Kindergarten is a magical time to see the culmination of all their skills coming to fruition. The children are compelled to move forward in their explorations and can spend extended periods of time on one activity.

    In later years integrated studies provide students with unique and age-appropriate materials that help them to become accountable for their use of time, for accuracy in their work and to evaluate their strengths and areas of growth. Our students have individualized work plans to allow them to use time effectively and to make appropriate choices.

    At Westside Montessori Academy students are allowed to explore their natural curiosity and develop at their own pace and their unique, diverse learning styles are recognized.

    The ultimate goal of our work with elementary children is to help them develop into adults who have the intellect, integrity, compassion, strength of character, skill, and creativity needed to seek common ground and establish mutuality with others of various cultures and religions in order to pursue a peace that ensures human dignity, respect, social, economic justice, and the health and well-being of the planet.

  • The work is accomplished with love and by providing a sequence of programs and experiences, which aid the development of the whole child at each stage of their development. Our goal is the education of the whole child.

    Our curriculum completely covers the BC Provincial Curriculum, and in many ways this new curriculum has come closer to our method of teaching. BC Parent magazine wrote an article taking an in-depth look into the recent changes to the BC Curriculum and how Montessori operates within it which we have posted on our blog.


    Our application process for Elementary enrolment begins in November with our Elementary Open House event. During the event you can meet our staff, tour the school, and learn more about Montessori. For more detailed information, please visit our Application Process page.

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    • Math

      Elementary Montessori materials allow students to develop an in-depth understanding of math concepts followed by memorization of math facts. Students receive individual and small group lessons and work at their own pace. Math curriculum is organized so that students can independently follow the math sequence under the teacher’s guidance.

    • Geometry

      Comprehensive geometry studies begin with experiences with the line and its parts and continue through studies of angles, polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles area and volume. The concepts of similarity, congruency and equivalency are also studied.

    • History

      Students develop an understanding and appreciation for past events beginning with the concept of timelines. Some of the topics studied include ancient civilizations, evolution, and the history of Canada and other countries, art, music and early man.

    • Geography

      This area includes topics such as the study of the universe, earth, continents countries and capital cities within those continents, land and water forms and flags of the world. The children work independently and in small groups to complete exercises and research-based activities which inspire inquisitiveness and the drive to learn more about the world in which they live.

    • Science

      Various hands-on experiments pertaining to our particular area of studies. Understanding of the scientific method and learning about great scientists and inventors.

    • Biology

      Biology studies include zoology and botany giving the student an understanding of their position and relationship within the world. Some of the topics include the timeline of life on earth, characteristics and needs of living things, classification of animal / plant kingdoms, five classes of vertebrates.

    • Language

      The Montessori Language Arts curriculum is designed to enhance the students’ skills in reading, comprehension, writing and speaking; and to provide connections with history, literature, science, math, and geography.

    • French Language

      Our French language program is taught in K-7.

    • At WMA we are preparing your child to use his/her imagination through cosmic education. By aiding them in their understanding of the world around them, they gain the knowledge and confidence to be leaders and advocates for the earth and humanity in the future.

  • Elementary Educators

    • Sarah Gatiss-Brown
      Director of Admissions & Co-Founder
    • Pam Woronko
      Upper Elementary 1 Directress / Principal
    • Catherine Williams
      Senior Upper Elementary 1 Directress / Vice-Principal
    • Andrea Nardi
      Co-Founder, Upper Elementary 2 Co-Directress, Learning Support Directress
    • Kareem John
      Lower Elementary 1 Director
    • Tanya Rowlands
      Primary 2 Directress
    • Jen Brown
      Upper Elementary 2 Directress
    • Nancy Barton
      Primary 1 Directress
    • Noushaba Nousheen
      Lower Elementary 2 Directress
    • Mark Curry
      Education assistant
    • T.J. Brennan
      Education assistant
    • Caitlin Magdaleno
      Education assistant
    • Virginia Fung-Lee
      Senior Upper Elementary 2 Directress
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