About WMA

  • Welcome to Westside
    Montessori Academy

    “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

    We offer classes from preschool through elementary grades 1-7 based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. We are located at the beautiful Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. 

  • Mission Statement

    Westside Montessori Academy’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive educational environment that will nurture every child’s natural curiosity for learning. We are committed to providing the tools, the guides and the prepared environment necessary, to allow each child to reach his or her full potential both socially and academically.


    It is expected that all individuals (students and adults) treat each other with respect and courtesy and conduct themselves in a manner that will promote safety and security for all.

    It is expected that all students and staff individual needs are honored and accepted.

  • Our Principles


    • Every child is a unique person.
    • All children instinctively want to develop their skills and understanding
    • Children learn through discovery.
    • Children are capable of self-directed learning
    • Children are encouraged to work at their own pace, either individually or in co-operation with others.
    • Mixed age groups provide opportunities for the children to develop their social abilities and leadership skills.


    Meet Our Staff
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    Parental Advisory Council (PAC)

    PACs strive to represent the diversity within their communities and contribute to the benefit of all students by:

    • Providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school
    • Involving parents in volunteer activities
    • Openly discussing parents’ concerns and aspirations for their schools

    Contact PAC@westsidemontessoriacademy.ca

  • Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) are the official voices for parents at the school level. If you have a child in a B.C. school, you are automatically a member of the school’s PAC. 

    PACs are forums within each school community to discuss matters affecting your school and the education of your children.

    Parents’ voices are a tremendous value to their school. They offer a wealth of ideas and support in the challenges that face all public schools.