Tuition Commitment & Withdrawal Policy

  • Please be aware of the following points before committing to WMA. 
 Parents should fully understand the financial obligation.

    Withdrawal From Elementary

    Written notice of intention to withdraw a student from the school is required to be submitted by the parents/guardians to the WMA Board of Directors and to the Head of School. Once the registration fee of $1000.00 has been processed and a child is enrolled at WMA, the family is expected to pay for, and the child to attend, through to the end of the school year the registration fee was paid for.  

    The following financial conditions apply upon voluntary withdrawal from WMA: 

    If the withdrawal is: 

    • Before September 1st 
      you are responsible to pay 50% of the total annual tuition 
    • after September 1st but before January 1st 
      you are responsible to pay 75% of the total annual tuition 
    • After January 1st  
      you are responsible to pay the full amount of the total annual tuition. 

      Commitments for salaries, leases and maintenance fees are on an annual basis and the absence or withdrawal of a student does not reduce operating expenses. Westside Montessori Academy Society is a non-profit society and will take the necessary legal steps to recover any losses incurred by non-payment of any fees owed. WMA and its Board of Directors make staffing and program decisions for each upcoming school year based on projected revenue and expenses based on the registrations that have been made. 

    Withdrawal From Casa dei Bambini

        •    Parents who wish to withdraw their child from WMA Casa dei Bambini, must do so in writing 30 days prior to the date of withdrawal (First of the month).

        •    Once the initial registration fee of $500.00 is processed, you are committed to paying for each term in its entirety regardless of absence or withdrawal. 

    Preschool Terms:

    Term 1: September 1st to December 31 

    Term 2: January 1 to March 31

Term 3: April 1 to June 30

    There will be no refunds for students leaving after March 1st.

  • NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)

    To cover the time, bank charges, and other costs associated with processing, a charge of $30.00 will apply to all returned cheques or direct deposits.

    Fee Recovery

    As a non-profit society, the Board of Directors makes staffing and program decisions for each school year in June based on projected revenue and expenses. The Board will take necessary steps to recover any losses occurred by non-payment of any fees owed.