Co-Curricular Activities

Arts, Sport, Culture and Community
  • What Is Co-Curricular?

  • We believe that volunteer work, community building, sports and creative endeavours complement our pupil’s academic studies. WMA offers Specialist classes (listed below) most afternoons taught by qualified professionals in their respective fields. 

  • We are also proud to be a part of the Beaconsfield Community Garden, as well as the Salmon Restoration Program at Still Creek.

  • Yoga

    Once week the children have a 20 minute Yoga Lesson in small groups. This is a fun, creative and non-competitive introduction to some simple Yoga poses and calming breathing exercises. Through Yoga the children improve learning skills and concentration, maintain flexibility, improve coordination and muscular strength and enhance their creativity.

  • Italian

    WMA teaches Italian as its second language. Through the use of songs and games, a specialist teacher visits several times a week to teach the students Italian.

    Since WMA is located at the Italian Cultural Centre, our students also have the opportunity to visit the on-site Italian Library and Museum. We also participate and perform in many of the Italian celebrations and festivities.

  • Music

    The music and movement program at WMA emphasizes self-expression and imagination. The children are guided to interpret a variety of songs, poems, rhymes and works of famous composers through dance, movement, percussion instruments and games. The parts and instruments of the Orchestra are also introduced, along with a variety of music, rhythms, songs and games.

  • Theatre Arts
    Art is an important part of the WMA curriculum. Through art, our students learn about self-expression, imagination and creativity.  Though visual arts, drama and music are experienced on a day-to-day basis throughout the school year, each term we focus on a specific fine art.
  • Community Service - Villa Carital

    WMA has a wonderful relationship with the senior’s care community just across the school parking lot, The Villa Carital. For years, WMA students have been visiting every Thursday afternoon to take part in an inter-generational program with the seniors who live at the Villa. Students and seniors meet to take part in different types of activities such as bowling, shuffleboard, badminton, singing, art projects and knitting organized by the Recreational Director.  We thank the Villa Carital for the amazing opportunities for learning and service that they continue to provide for our students that is continually growing and becoming more diverse.