Sarah Gatiss-Brown

Preschool Directress, Preschool Principal, President of WMA Board of Directors
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  • Ms. Sarah is the Head Directress of WMA Casa Dei Bambini and the Principal/Licensee of the program. Sarah directs both the morning and afternoon classes. Sarah holds her St. Nicholas Montessori Teaching Diploma (0-6) and her Early Childhood Education Certificate as well as her Montessori Teaching Certification for Elementary 6-9 years. Sarah has also completed her certificate in Leadership, Administration and Management for Early Childhood Administrators. In an earlier life in the UK she worked in Local Government and gained a HND in Public Administration at Brighton University.  Ms. Sarah is a member in good standing of ECEBC and BCMA.

    Ms. Sarah has been teaching group care and Kindergarten for 24 years and believes that every child can work towards achieving their full potential at WMA. She is committed to providing each child a warm, nurturing and inspiring environment, where they feel happy, secure and are keen to learn and experience positive social interactions.

    Ms. Sarah opened WMA with her partners Andrea Nardi and Lee-Ann Mulrooney in 2008.

  • Casa Dei Bambini

    • Sarah Gatiss-Brown
      Casa Directress, Co-Founder
    • Maureen Boudier
      Casa Directress, Music Instructor
    • T.J. Brennan
      Casa Directress
    • Trenna Clarke
      Casa Directress
    • Mark Curry
      Casa assistant


    • Pam Woronko
      Upper Elementary, Principal
    • Catherine Williams
      Upper Elementary / Vice-Principal
    • Andrea Nardi
      Co-Founder, Lower Elementary Co-Directress, Elementary Educational Support
    • Kareem John
      Lower Elementary Co-Director
    • Tanya Rowlands
      Kindergarten Co-Directress
    • Maura Camino
      Lower Elementary Co-Directress
    • Jen Brown
      Lower Elementary Co-Directress
    • Nancy Barton
      Kindergarten Co-Directress
    • Noushaba Nousheen
      Lower Elementary Co-Directress
    • Michelle Seigel
      Upper Elementary co-directress
    • Dave Gatiss
      Coach, ASC Leader, Guitar Teacher
    • Heena Darediya
      Learning Support


    • Maureen Boudier
      Casa Directress, Music Instructor
    • Elena Madularu
    • Dave Gatiss
      Coach, ASC Leader, Guitar Teacher


    • Lorelei Poulin
      School Secretary