Nancy Barton

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  • Ms. Nancy has been with Westside Montessori Academy since 2014 as an Assistant in the Upper Elementary classroom. With over fifteen years experience working with children from infancy to age 12, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in English, from McMasterUniversity, an AMS Montessori Diploma for 3 to 6 year olds, a Permanent Independent Teaching Certificate for Kindergarten as well as an ECE Assistant License. A lifelong learner herself, Ms. Nancy is passionate about inspiring and challenging children to love learning.

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    • Sarah Gatiss-Brown
      Director of Admissions & Co-Founder
    • Pam Woronko
      Upper Elementary 1 Directress / Principal
    • Catherine Williams
      Senior Upper Elementary 1 Directress / Vice-Principal
    • Andrea Nardi
      Co-Founder, Upper Elementary 2 Co-Directress, Learning Support Directress
    • Kareem John
      Lower Elementary 1 Director
    • Tanya Rowlands
      Primary 2 Directress
    • Jen Brown
      Upper Elementary 2 Directress
    • Nancy Barton
      Primary 1 Directress
    • Noushaba Nousheen
      Lower Elementary 2 Directress
    • Mark Curry
      Education assistant
    • T.J. Brennan
      Education assistant
    • Caitlin Magdaleno
      Education assistant
    • Virginia Fung-Lee
      Senior Upper Elementary 2 Directress


    • Maureen Boudier
      Music and Musical Theatre instructor
    • Dave Gatiss
      Coach, ASC Leader, Guitar Teacher


    • Lorelei Poulin
      School Secretary

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