Dave Gatiss

  • Meet Our Educators

  • Preschool


    • Pam Woronko
      Upper Elementary, Principal
    • Catherine Williams
      Upper Elementary / Vice-Principal
    • Andrea Nardi
      Co-Founder, Lower Elementary Co-Directress, Elementary Educational Support
    • Kareem John
      Lower Elementary Co-Director
    • Tanya Rowlands
      Kindergarten Co-Directress
    • Maura Camino
      Lower Elementary Co-Directress
    • Jen Brown
      Lower Elementary Co-Directress
    • Nancy Barton
      Kindergarten Co-Directress
    • Noushaba Nousheen
      Lower Elementary Co-Directress
    • Michelle Seigel
      Upper Elementary co-directress
    • Dave Gatiss
      Coach, ASC Leader, Guitar Teacher
    • Heena Darediya
      Learning Support


    • Maureen Boudier
      Casa Directress, Music Instructor
    • Elena Madularu
    • Dave Gatiss
      Coach, ASC Leader, Guitar Teacher


    How is the Montessori Method different from traditional learning methods?

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