A Note from Ms. Sarah on Diversity

March 09, 2017

Recently I watched a child trace and carefully paint a map of South America. He was able to tell me the names of each individual country and then label them appropriately. Isn’t it wonderful that our children are invited to explore their world so young? By doing this we are helping to create a child who is aware of their world. They are cognizant of other cultures and races that make up this wonderful planet. They are able to see with eyes that are non-judgemental and feel harmony with the world. We are very lucky that our city and country embraces all cultures.


We find all cultures, races, sexes, religions in each classroom of our school and in turn the children are simply allowed to see other human beings. In the world, other cultures and countries are not as lucky as our children are. They are forced to see race, religion and deal with daily segregation. We are proud to offer an environment that teaches the children by example that we are all the same, that we are all worthy of respect and that we should treat all people with kindness. ♥️

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